2018 BMW X3 M40i vs Lexus RX 350 F Sport Comparison: Are They on Two Different Planets? [Video]

Is the performance-oriented BMW X3 M40i really on a whole different planet to the Lexus RX 350 F Sport?

Crossovers are king of the stable in most automakers’ lineup these days. Particularly compact and midsize crossovers, where sales have grown considerably over the past months and even years. Take the BMW X3 and the Lexus RX. They’re both the most popular cars their respective companies sell. Crossovers are becoming the new jack of all trades vehicles, meaning we have to see the inevitable performance versions. Want some sporty flavor but still need a practical vehicle to haul kids and cargo? These are the vehicles you need.

2018 BMW X3 M40i
2018 BMW X3 M40i. [Photo: BMW]
Enter the 2018 BMW X3 M40i and the 2018 Lexus RX 350 F Sport. Both pack six-cylinder engines, both have adaptive, sportier suspension, and both cost around $60,000. However, in the area of performance and comfort are where these two start to diverge.

The 2018 BMW X3 M40i packs a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine, as is in vogue with BMWs across the range. In this application, that engine puts out 355 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Not only is it quick, but it sounds as well as a performance crossover should.

Lexus RX 350
[Photo: Lexus]
The Lexus, on the other hand, focuses more on comfort and ease of use than out and out performance. It’s loaded full of technology – including standard Lexus Safety System+ and Lexus’ Enform infotainment system. It’s 3.5-liter naturally-aspirated V6 engine puts out 290 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque, although through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The 2018 BMW X3 M40i and Lexus RX 350 F Sport take somewhat different approaches to performance, but how do the rest of the cars stack up? Check out the video above to find out!