Is Gen Z Responsible for the Rise of Subcompact SUVs? [News]

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It seems the youngest generation is always to blame for something. This time, it could be the increased production of subcompact SUVs, according to Ford.

The company recently announced their plans to ditch nearly all cars in their lineup, save for the Mustang (thank goodness). We’re also getting the Focus Active, but that’s more of a crossover than an ordinary car. Certainly, there has been a trend in our industry away from sedans and towards SUVs. However, no other automaker has formally announced their plans to discontinue almost every car in their lineup. At least not yet.

Gen Z is going for small crossovers

The decision to drop all the cars in your lineup may seem outlandish at first, but Ford may be on to something. According to Carscoops, Ford’s move is substantiated by some compelling evidence that relates to our newest generation, Generation Z. That comprises people who were born between 1995 and 2010, roughly. The cars that they’re buying are substantially different than the cars young people used to buy. Instead of economy sedans, hatchbacks, or even larger SUVs, they are buying subcompact crossovers.

The Data:

Carscoops points out the recent rise in subcompact SUV sales:

“four years ago that 18 to 24-year olds in the U.S. purchased 8,121 subcompact cars, as opposed to just 443 subcompact SUVs. Last year, the same age group bought 3,981 subcompact cars and 2,840 subcompact SUVs – that’s a massive 541% rise.”

This trend of Gen Z kids buying subcompact SUVs does not seem to be fading anytime soon. While some may disagree with it, Ford’s decision to ax to their sedan lineup certainly has some statistical data to back it up. Don’t be surprised if other automakers, at least in the US, follow suit in the near future.

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