Baby G-Wagen Incoming? Mercedes-Benz GLB Information Leaked by Florida Dealer [News]

Mercedes-Benz currently has four vehicles in their GL family of crossovers: the GLA-Class, the GLC-Class, the GLE-Class and the GLS-Class. Well now it seems that they are going to bring in another GL member with the GLB class. The GLA class is really just a tall hatchback that is a part of the red-hot compact crossover segment. Perhaps, Mercedes-Benz is bringing in a vehicle to split the gap between the subcompact GLA-Class and the compact GLC-Class. Mercedes looks to be planning the GLB class’ debut in the US market for the fourth quarter of 2019. Though, an official date from Mercedes-Benz has not announced an official date yet. Part of this information leak included another vehicle, the A-Class, which will be their entry-level model when it arrives.

Inspired by the G-Class

The news was broken by Greg Barnes, president of Bill Ussery Motors in Coral Gables, Florida, and chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board. Barnes supposedly was given information on the upcoming GLB as well as the new A-class to be coming in the next couple years. Greg told automotive news that the design of the B-Class would resemble that of the former Mercedes-Benz GLK. Reportedly, the design seems to be geared more towards just carrying people rather than their stuff.

Crossovers are HOT

It should be no surprise that Mercedes-Benz is hopping even more on the compact SUV bandwagon. What with the news of Ford discontinuing all of their sedans, it makes sense that other manufacturers would follow suit and put most of their chips in the fastest growing car segment in the industry right now.

Important Note: Mercedes-Benz have most certainly not officially confirmed this vehicle yet for the US market. Furthermore, they have not leaked any information about the styling of the GLB. No pricing or solid release dates yet either. All we know is that the dealers in the US were told about this upcoming model.

For more news on the Mercedes-Benz GLB class, and inevitably the GLD-Class to slot between the GLC and GLE, be sure to stay tuned to Also be sure to stay tuned to TFLcar and TFLnow on YouTube where we will surely feature more coverage of the GLB class as we learn more.

While you wait, why not check out our video of the GLB’s big brother, the GLE 550e Plug-in Hybrid: