Hyundai Has a Big Surprise For Soldiers and Veterans During Super Bowl LII [Video]

Last year, Hyundai surprised three deployed soldiers with an experience they’d never forget. This year, they’re promising something even bigger.

Those of us with loved ones in the armed forces – myself included – know how difficult their absence can be when they deploy to an area thousands of miles away. That’s especially true during times of the year when families normally congregate. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, separation is certainly tough. The Super Bowl can be another one of those times – an American tradition that can be difficult to fully enjoy if your loved one is thousands of miles away. We all understand and appreciate the sacrifices of brave men and women who serve in the armed forces. Thanks to technology, however, our family members deployed to areas the world over can be closer to their families than ever before.

During Super Bowl LI, Hyundai demonstrated that point by surprising three soldiers during their “Operation: Better” campaign. They were able to watch the game in custom-built, 360-degree immersive pods, with cameras set right beside their family members, who were at the game. The video below shows last year’s campaign from Super Bowl LI. It strikes a powerful chord watching those soldiers who were reunited with their families for the Super Bowl.

This year, Hyundai’s planning an even bigger surprise. As the official sponsor of Super Bowl LII, the company’s running a 30-second teaser ad during the AFC and NFC Championship games this Sunday, January 21. The beginning of the teaser pays homage to last year’s event, then displays a cryptic message: “Last Super Bowl, we surprised three heroes…this year we’ll surprise millions. And you might be one of them”. What does Hyundai have up its sleeve?

Tune in to Super Bowl LII to see the big surprise

Hyundai Motor America’s CMO, Dean Evans, alludes to a much bigger surprise than Operation: Better this year:

“For this year, we thought, let’s do something bigger and celebrate millions of heroes who have helped a very important cause.”

It will be fun to see what’s in store to honor soldiers’ efforts and sacrifices for our country. Tune into the AFC and NFC games to catch the teaser. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hyundai’s big surprise during Super Bowl LII on Feburary 4th.

Hyundai 2017 Super Bowl Campaign – Operation: Better