Lightning Sale: Tesla Offering Massive Discounts for Model S and Model X P100D

Tesla Model S
With the introduction of the Model 3, Tesla seems to be offering incentives to customers for some Model S and Model X vehicles.

Looking for a Model S or Model X? Now may be the time to buy, as Tesla may be offering huge sales incentives.

It’s no secret that Tesla seeks to dominate the electric car market. The emergence of the perennial Model S in 2012, the controversial Model X in 2016, and the much-hyped Model 3 this year outline demonstrate the company’s ambitions. However, to really make an impact, you have to keep consistent pressure on the market. Tesla knows this, and in the wake of the Model 3’s launch, they’re looking to shift existing inventory of the Model S and Model X. To do that, they’re offering a $1,000 referral credit on these models. That kind of incentive may not be enough to sway you, but how does $30,000 off a new Tesla sound? According to the following e-mail, that may not be outside the realm of possibility:

Hi [***********],

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m reaching out because we just announced an incentive on Model S and Model X P100D that I thought you may be interested in.

We are offering showroom incentives up to $30,000 off the original configuration price.This means you can lease Model S P100D for $1,500/month and Model X P100D for $1,600/month with 10,000 miles per year. Alternatively we are offering .99% APR financing or a cash purchase with the discount. These incentives are available for deliveries by September 30th 2017.

Lastly, we’ve reintroduced the Tesla Referral Program. You will receive a $1,000 credit towards the purchase of either a new Model S or Model X and Free Unlimited Supercharging.

It would be my pleasure to help you explore the options for a new Model S or Model X. If you are interested we can schedule a time for a call or if it is more convenient we can communicate via email.

Best regards,

*********| Sales Advisor

There are a few important details to consider, given what’s contained in the e-mails. However, now seems the perfect time to buy a Model S or Model X P100D with a substantial discount.

Lightning Sale:
Buyers can receive up to $30,000 off a Model S or Model X P100D, according to an e-mail circulating among owners.

Up to $30,000 off a Tesla? Only in certain circumstances

Unfortunately, such a substantial discount applies only to the P100D models, which are the most expensive in the range. Despite a recent price drop, the Model S P100D is still $135,000 before rebates and incentives. The Model X is a bit pricer, at $140,000 before rebates and incentives. The discount also applies to pre-existing inventory, as buyers need to take delivery of the car by the end of September, according to the e-mail. Nevertheless, any discount on the staggeringly fast P100D models makes the prospect much more appealing to potential buyers.

Why is this deal happening now?

This deal appears to be on the table until September 30. Why is Tesla offering a deal this month? Odds are, it’s to make their quarterly sales look better. Because of the Model 3’s wild popularity, orders are stretched out for years. Due to the backlog, it makes sense to try and shift some of their inventory that can be delivered more quickly. The company can then report better sales figures on the backs of strong Model 3 pre-orders and deliveries under this scheme.

If you’re in the market for a new Model S or Model X and know someone who already has one, make sure to take advantage of Tesla’s referral program.