Jeep Cherokee 4×4 vs. Nissan Rogue AWD: Best All-Terrain Commuter SUV for ~$20k [Ask TFL]

Best Commuter SUV for ~$20k
Jeep Cherokee [Photo: Jeep]
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2017 nissan rogue awd review test snow ice
Nissan Rogue AWD

The question:

Today’s Ask TFL question comes from Ryan, who last year submitted a question to TFLcar to decide between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Audi Q5. Now, he seeks help deciding between a Jeep Cherokee or Nissan Rogue for a wallet-friendly commuter vehicle and family hauler that can also make it to the slopes. Here’s an update on his last purchase, as well as background on his current situation:

Hi Guys!

I first want to thank you for helping me out in the past when I was asking about choosing between a Grand Cherokee or Q5.  You guys do amazing videos which are entertaining and informative which I love.  You even posted my last question which was a world of help with your response as well as putting it out there to the people for their input as well.  Long story short we got close to a Q5 but ended up with a slightly used Grand Cherokee summit on a deal we couldn’t pass up, even though it has the Hemi which as we know isn’t the best for MPG’s but it is a load of fun to drive.  So far its the perfect size for my wife, dog, and newborn.

Recently my wife’s 2007 Jetta has went to caputz, and we were looking at something basic and not too harsh on the wallet up front and long term.  This would be a commuter as well as a dog/baby transporter and we would be going over Mt. Hood a decent amount for skiing and to visit my family.
My main question is, we found a few new 2017 Rogues and 2017 Cherokees with basically the same basic options and are both almost exactly at the same price point with their current incentives at around $20k.  I have only driven Jeeps in the past and do not know a ton about Nissan’s other than videos and research.  I was wondering what your suggestion might be since you guys have tackled both of these vehicles head on in different climates as well.
Thanks again and keep up the great job!

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