BMW X3 M Spotted Testing in South Carolina [Spy Photos]

[Photo: David L.]
Here in the Rocky Mountains, it is super common to spot prototype vehicles testing for high elevation performance. However, we do get a fair amount of spy photos from our fans and viewers all over the place. This week, our friend David L. sent us some photos from South Carolina where he has caught a fairly unmarked BWM X3 M testing in the wild.

What Makes it an M?

[Photo: David L.]
The dead giveaway that this is an M car is the front fascia on this vehicle. Gone are the usual round fog lights and small air intakes that usually sit on the X3’s bumper. Those have been ditched in favor of some larger, air scooping vents to help cool the engine and brakes on this performance crossover. Rumor has it that this X3 M will use a turbocharged straight-6 engine that is related to the one used in the M3 and M4. It should produce well over 400 horsepower.

While BMW has not officially announced this M performance version of their crossover, these pictures indicate that it may be coming sooner than later. Perhaps they are planning to reveal it at either the Los Angeles Auto Show or the Detroit Auto Show.

Stay tuned for more information!

Special thanks to David L. for sending us these pictures! If you have some spy shots of your own, be sure to send them in to

While the X3 M may have some mods that help it on a track, the current X3 actually has some decent off-road ability. To see how it does on Gold Mine Hill, be sure to watch the video below: