Driving the Jeep Grand One Concept vs 2017 Grand Cherokee Off-Road Mashup Review

The Jeep Grand One is not exactly a concept; it’s an updated, modified 25 year-old Jeep Grand Cherokee that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the luxury Jeep. We decided to try something different in this video and drive the Jeep Grand One back-to-back with a modern Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk for some perspective.

Things change in 25 years.

For one thing, the Jeep Grand One, even with its modified suspension, drivetrain and tires doesn’t exactly ride as nice as the new Grand Cherokee. More importantly, the Jeep Grand One Concept looks positively lilliputian when it’s next to a modern Grand Cherokee. In fact, it’s overall size is pretty close to the new Jeep Compass.

All of that aside, we enjoyed hearing the beefy tires chew into the mud-flaps as we bounced around. The ride is just as I remembered, kind of rough, but nothing too bad. It dawned on me how awesome this rig would be for a first time Jeep fan to modify.

While there are absolutely no plans from FCA to even consider a retro Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep Grand One Concept reminds us how humble the beginnings of the Grand Cherokee were. It was a great look back!

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