TFL Top 10: Best Cars We’ve Ever Driven [Video]

What’s the best car you have ever driven? That’s a great question and one that Roman and Nathan recently answered.

Roman and Nathan are back with a fun TFL top 10 list. This time they are discussing the top 10 best cars they have ever driven. Roman and Nathan have been driving cars for a fair number of years and in that time they have had the pleasure to experience some of the world’s best cars. However, they have also dealt with a number of cars that were no good. This time they take a look back at the 10 which were hands-down the best to drive. To clarify, this is not necessarily cars that they have driven on video, but rather a personal list including any car they have driven throughout their automotive careers.

Roman’s first pick is the Acura NSX. This is a car that Roman actually owned for some time, so he has spent a lot of time with this vehicle. Thanks to its incredible handling and sufficient power supply, this car still remains on many people’s automotive bucket lists as it is such a fantastic exhibition in handling and the ever-coveted raw driving experience. Maybe as a daily driver it wasn’t the perfect option, as Roman explains, but as a drivers car it was hard to beat.

Nathan’s first choice is the BMW 3.0 CSI. This is a car than Nathan got to spend roughly six weeks with while his own car was being worked on. According to Nathan it was one of the most pleasurable cars he’s ever driven. With gorgeous styling and a classic BMW straight-six under the hood, it would be hard to find something wrong with this Bavarian classic.

To see the rest of the cars on the list, and find out what about the driving experience made each vehicle so memorable, be sure to watch the whole video!