Camaro leads muscle car sales in October as Mustang, Challenger fall [News]


The Chevy Camaro remained as the best selling American muscle car for October.

Sales figures showed that although the Camaro saw a 4.6 percent decrease in sales from September to October, it remained in the number one position with 6,277 sales in October.

Comparing October 2016 and October 2015 figures, the Camaro saw an 18.7 percent increase, and was the only muscle car to see an increase over last year. The Ford Mustang saw a 46.4 percent decrease while the Dodge Challenger saw a 22 percent decrease, sales figures showed.

The Mustang had the highest year to date sales with 92,672 sold in 2016 so far compared to Camaro’s 60,812 and Challenger’s 55,268.

However, the Mustang came in as the number two highest in sales for October with 5,414, a decrease of 15.8 percent from September’s figures of 6,429. The Challenger came in last in sales with 4,127 for October, a decrease of 27.6 percent from September’s figures of 5,698.

When looking at sales figures from October 2016 and October 2015, the Mustang saw a decrease of 46.4 percent while the Challenger saw a decrease of 22 percent.

For year to date sales, the Challenger saw less of a hit with only a 4 percent decrease compared to the Mustang’s 12.8 percent decrease and the Camaro’s 9 percent decrease, sales figures showed.

Muscle Car Sales – October 2016

Oct 2016 # Sept 2016 # Oct ’16/Sept ’16 % Oct 2016/2015 YTD 2016 # YTD 2016/2015 %
Chevrolet Camaro 6,277 6,577 -4.6% 18.7% 60,812 -9.0%
Ford Mustang 5,414 6,429 -15.8% -46.4% 92,672 -12.8%
Dodge Challenger 4,127 5,698 -27.6% -22.0% 55,268 -4.0%

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