TFL Top 10 American cars that aren’t made in America [Video]

Think that American-branded vehicle you’re driving is made in the U.S.? Think again.

Some of the more common vehicles that seem to be American cars are actually foreign born, having been assembled on foreign soil.

TFLcar’s Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen recently looked at 10 vehicles that many feel are American but really aren’t. The vehicles they looked at were actually assembled in foreign countries, not the parts content of the vehicles.

Their top 10 list isn’t in any particular order but rather just a list of the vehicles that at first glance seem American.

The Ram brand seems to exude made-in-the-U.S.A. but the vehicles on the list are actually made in Mexico. On their list is the Ram ProMaster and the heavy duty pickup, both of which are made in Mexico.

Another vehicle that made the list is the Dodge Challenger, which screams American muscle car. However, the Challenger and its counterpart, the Charger, both have their roots up in the great white north, having been assembled in Canada.

Two other vehicles that made the list, the Ford Focus RS and the Chevy Spark, may come from American companies but are built elsewhere. The Focus RS is crafted in Germany while the Spark is a result of the purchase of Daewoo by General Motors, having been built in South Korea.

Another entry on the list if the Chevrolet SS, which going by the name alone seems like it was built in the U.S. However, the SS is actually built in Australia, tracing its roots back to the Holden brand.

Want to know where some Buicks, another Ford and a Jeep was built? Find out by watching the complete TFLcar video above.

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