Ford Interceptor: New Integrated Light Bar = More Speeding Tickets for Us [News]


The days when it was easy to spot a police car in your rearview mirror are quickly fleeting. The Ford Interceptor police vehicle will be available with a new factory-installed, low-profile – Ford calls it a “no-profile” – integrated light bar located at the top of the windshield to provide a stealthier appearance for the vehicle. The light bar will eliminate the need for an aftermarket roof-mounted or interior-mounted light bar.

“Today, agencies typically use aftermarket interior visor light bars that are somewhat bulky and can obstruct the field of vision – especially for taller officers,” said Stephen Tyler, Ford police marketing manager for North American fleet, lease and remarketing operations. “This extremely low-profile unit is fully integrated where the headliner and top of the windshield meet, for tremendously improved driver visibility versus aftermarket alternatives.”

The new light bar has auto-dimming capability and is able to be programmed to operate at anywhere from full intensity down to 20%. The color of the lights can be set for red/blue, red/red, or blue/blue operation. According to a press release from Ford, the light bar will be popular with police agencies due to its minimalist profile, which increases driver visibility. It might not be so popular with speeders who could have trouble recognizing the Interceptors until it’s too late.

Learn more about the purpose-built Ford Interceptor in the video below.