Diamond in the Rough, Episode 2: Shiny New Parts for the Old Girl [Video]

Diamond in the Rough Ep.2 | TFL Classics

In the latest installment of TFLclassics’ A Diamond in the Rough series, Roman Mica visits a Lincoln enthusiast and gets some new parts for the old Continental.

Jacob Dout, a member of the Lincoln and Continental Owner’s Club, has the same make and model of Lincoln Continental, a 1978 Diamond Jubilee edition, as a parts car. It’s even the same baby blue color. The donor car lost its hood, a door and a fender to the cause.

1956 Lincoln Continental coupe
1956 Lincoln Continental coupe

The donor Continental was bought by Dout in Shawnee, OK. While it had good mileage and ran strong, it didn’t make financial sense to rebuild it, as it wouldn’t have given him back what he invested. Those types of Continentals just aren’t worth that much on the classic car market.

Dout also showed his collection of Lincolns, which include a 1982 Continental Mark VI signature series, a 1976 Mark IV Givenchy Designer Edition, a 1979 Mark V Collector’s Series, and a 1956 Continental coupe.

The 1979 in Dout’s collection is the successor to the 1978 Diamond Jubilee model.

Loading parts
Loading parts into the Raptor

The old Lincoln also got a new set of tires, which were inexpensive as the restoration will be done on a budget.

Check out the full video of episode two of A Diamond in the Rough: