Could the Brazilian Troller T4 be the Next American Ford Bronco?

ford troller t4 bronco brazil united states 4x4 2017
Ford Troller T4

The buzz about the next generation Ford Bronco continues to mount. The latest flare up has to do with the Troller 4×4 images that were published to Ford’s media website ( The images you see here were referenced and appear to be from a Troller rally in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Ford purchased Troller company back in 2007. Troller is based in Brazil and build 4×4 off-road vehicles with fiberglass bodies. The Troller 4×4 was recently redesigned and uses a modified T6 chassis from the global Ford Ranger pickup truck.


The Troller styling appears as a cross between the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Jeep Wrangler with a dash of unique elements.

So, could the Troller make the transition to the United States as the next Ford Bronco? There is no official word from Ford on this matter. It is doubtful that Ford will simply rebadge the Troller for United States sale.

However, there is another report that the Ford Ranger midsize pickup will be coming back to the United States in 2018. If this is the case, the next Bronco could also come if the two can share the frame and other components.

While we are trying to learn about what this means, here is a video of a 1968 Ford Bronco Sport half-cab tacking the Cliffhanger hill in the rain.