Official Launch of Tesla Model X on September 29th

Tesla Model X Event

Patience is a virtue and a requirement for those who have been waiting for the Tesla Model X. After many setbacks and delays, Tesla has announced that the Model X will finally begin delivery of the all-electric crossover SUV and is celebrating on September 29 with a launch party at their factory in Fremont, California.

So far, the company hasn’t revealed any more details about pricing, except to those who put down a deposit on the exclusive Signature Series model, which starts at $132,000. Requiring a down payment of more than what some cars cost, it is promised to be delivered first and will come with special options.

Those who are waiting for the less-exclusive Model X only had to come up with $5,000, but those who wanted the Signature had to put down $40,000 to get one. Tesla sent out invites to those customers earlier this month, letting them choose from a select few upgrades. There is a $750 Tow Package, $1,000 Subzero Weather Package, and the Ludicrous Speed upgrade for $10,000.

According to The Verge, this event will likely detail pricing, standard features, and available options. There should be some very happy Tesla customers come Wednesday morning.

Official photos of the Tesla Model X production model have not been released, but TFL Car has a pre-production model caught on camera just a couple weeks ago near the Tesla factory.

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