Best Way to Avoid Keeping Your Car Out of the Junkyard

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New car sales are at an all-time high – more than 17 million vehicles per year if your are curious about the numbers. But the average age of working vehicles in the U.S. is also on the rise. According to a recent IHS Automotive survey, the typical car on the road today is 11.5 years old. In 2012, the average age for cars and light trucks was 10.8 years.

Keeping your ride on the road and running at its peak is always a good thing. asked the question, “What is the best method for keeping your car from becoming junk?” Twenty-eight automotive experts and car enthusiasts from the U.S. and UK responded, and their overwhelming answer was “keep up with your car’s maintenance” and “park it out of the elements whenever possible.”

Tachometer red-line with warning indicators

One answer that really caught my attention was keeping up the passion for your car, and the car culture. Makes perfect sense to me. If you really see your car as something more than a mechanical device that gets you from point A to point B, then you value the time and attention spent keeping your vehicle running in tip-top condition. That translates to regular car maintenance, keeping the car clean and parked out of the elements, and not letting minor repairs slip by you.

TFL Car dropped in at Colorado’s Cars and Coffee. This is a great example of people who are passionate about their cars.

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