2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak 426 HEMI and Supercharged HEMI Are Here [Preview]

2015 Dodge Challenger Supercharged Drag Pak
2015 Dodge Challenger Supercharged Drag Pak

Updated with new video: 9/4/2015

The Challenger Drag Pak 426 HEMI and Supercharged 354 HEMI are open for orders. These two are all out drag racing machines and are not legal for street use. If your racing team is interested, then you need to make orders with authorized Mopar dealers.

These are not production Challengers that have special engines and a few tweaks. These cars are built from the ground up, starting with the “body in white” or the body shell. There is a 9-inch solid rear axle with 40-spline shafts. It’s attached with a four-link suspension and Panhard bar. There are adjustable compression and rebound shocks and an even more beefed up chassis.


Every component has been gone through, designed, engineered, and put together into a complete package that a racing team can compete with in NHRA eliminator classes.

There are two engine options. The 426 cu-in (nearly 7.0-liter) naturally aspirated HEMI V8 is there, but the new option is the 354 (5.8-liter) Supercharged HEMI V8. Mopar and Dodge will produce 35 units of the supercharged car, and 25 units of the naturally aspirated car. Mopar does not release horsepower numbers for the engines as this is a highly competitive space. They do say that NHRA has a “factored horsepower” classification system, and the Drag Pak cars will be very competitive. The target is that the 2015 race cars will do a quarter-mile in under 8.8 seconds.


This is serious racing machinery and the pricing reflects it. The 426 HEMI race car starts at $99,426 MSRP. And the supercharged 354 HEMI begins at $109,354.

The Drag Pak has more than a 50 year history with Mopar. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the latest Dodge Challenger Drag Pak in this TFL Car video.

Take a look at this video of the 426 HEMI doing a burnout and learn a lot more details about the latest Drag Pak cars.