Chevrolet Spark vs Smart Fortwo, Mitsubishi Love and Volkswagen CC for Me? [Ask Nathan]

2015 Range Rover Evoque vs 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

In this edition of Ask Nathan:

  • 2015 Smart Fortwo vs. Chevrolet Spark!
  • Haven’t seen Mitsubishi reviews from you in a long time.
  • Volkswagen CC for Law School?

2013 Chevrolet Spark

Today’s first question comes from a viewer who is looking at a 2015 Smart Fortwo verses a Chevrolet Spark.

Q: Nathan!

You are the only one to have a sincere perspective on the Chevy Spark. Can you say if you perfer it over the current model Smart ForTwo? I am about to move to a larger city and I need something easy to drive, cheap, maneuverable with good gas mileage.

Which one would you choose?

Thank you Nathan!


new redesign 2016 smart fortwo car small review first drive test
2016 Smart Fortwo

A: Interesting question. I cannot speak for the newest smart fortwo that Roman drove, but the previous model I disliked to the point of giving it a “Forget It!” rating. It was not the right car for the suburbs, it was not very fun and, for the price, I felt it was the least logical vehicle to buy. At the time, I considered the Fiat 500 Pop to be a much more logical vehicle.

As for the Chevrolet Spark? Yes, that’s the car I would go with, especially with a manual transmission.

It has more seats and it’s more utilitarian. It’s a better package all around and it’s not that much bigger than the smart fortwo.

I hope that helps!


Roman Tests the 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer from 0-60 MPH
Roman Tests the 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer from 0-60 MPH

Q: Hi TFL team. I live in Huntsville Alabama and I am a big fan of Mitsubishi. I’ve been watching TFL since 2012. I bought a used 2002 Mitsubishi Mirage about six years ago and it’s been the best car I’ve ever owned. Other than a replaced radiator and regular long ware item replacement, it’s been rock solid for over 165,000 miles. No lie, it’s that good.

I’m hankering for something new and a bit bigger. I was looking at TFL’s reviews of Mitsubishi products, but there are only a few out there. Is this by choice or is it because Mitsubishi won’t give you cars? Please let me know, I’m serious about buying either the new Mirage, which is a bot too small for me, or maybe the Lancer.

Please let me know what the hangup is!

Best wishes,


A: Hi TJ and thanks for the email!

Here’s the bottom line: Mitsubishi has very few cars available for test fleets. That’s not to say they have no interest in our region or our reviews, it’s just that they have a tiny budget for allocating vehicles.

With that being said, I am bummed that they have no cars or press events to offer TFLcar. Mitsubishi is fighting hard to stay in the North American market, it would be awesome to see (and test) what they are selling. Right now, the Outlander Sport is selling strong and the new Mirage is a surprise hit.

Sadly, I can’t tell you a thing about any of their new models.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for something soon.


This last email comes from a fan who is considering a Volkswagen CC for law school.

Q Hi! I love you guys and I know you like the Volkswagen CC. I was thinking about buying one with a manual transmission. Do you think it would be the right car for someone who is about to begin law school?

A: Awesome question!

Yes, yes, yes! That’s the perfect car for law school. The Volkswagen CC embodies forward thinking design and a sophistication that belies its (fairly) inexpensive pricing. It’s one of my favorites because it’s one of those cars that makes me appear smarter and more sophisticated than I actually am.

The other bonus is that it’s a great driver’s car. It’s fun to drive, well balanced and it’s fairly economical too. Truly, it’s a gem.

Thanks for the email!


Speaking of Volkswagen…

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