2015 Toyota 4Runner vs 2015 Range Rover Evoque Off-Road Mashup, Part 2 of 2 [Video]

2015 Range Rover Evoque vs 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
Update 8/30/2015

In Part 2 of this TFL Car mashup, the focus turns to the 2015 Toyota 4Runner. The safe bet would be on the 4Runner’s off-road capability outshining the Range Rover Evoque on the Saxon Mountain Trail east of Georgetown, Colorado. Fully loaded with creature comforts and a functional interior, the 4Runner Trail edition also steps up its trail performance with a suspension tuned for the rigors of off-roading and a Multi-Terrain Selection function.

2015 Range Rover Evoque 2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail
Engine 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder 4.0L DOHC V6
Power 240 hp @ 5500 rpm 270 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque 250 lb-ft @ 1500 rpm 278 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Transmission 9-speed automatic 5-speed automatic
Curb Weight 3,680 lbs. 4,750 lbs.
Ground Clearance 8.4 in. 9.6 in.
Approach Angle 25 degrees 33 degrees
Departure Angle 33 degrees 26 degrees
Breakover Angle 22 degrees N/A
Wading Depth 19.7 in. (500mm) N/A
Price as Tested $50,745 $40,890


Getting behind the wheel of the 4Runner Trail edition, there are discernable differences when compared with the Range Rover Evoque. The additional ground clearance and body-on-frame construction gives the 4Runner a slightly different feel on the highway and driving around town. The 4Runner’s short wheelbase and the commanding view of the road (or trail) makes it easy to maneuver in tight spots.

Even though the 4Runner Trail is designed for improved off-road performance, it doesn’t lose sight of its on-road handling. As good as it gets, can the 4Runner be equally comfortable on the road as the Range Rover Evoque?

Part 1 goes into more detail about the Range Rover Evoque. Click on the link below to see how well the Evoque performed on the Saxon Mountain Trail.

2015 Range Rover Evoque vs 2015 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Mashup, Part 1 of 2