Season 6 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Trailer

comedians in cars getting coffee season 6 trailer
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Season 6

More laughs, more cool cars, and more guest stars that you want to see were teased in the trailer for Season 6 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. After five seasons and 36 episodes, the Internet show promises to include more interesting cars and more crazy antics that made the show a huge success.

Of course, it’s the cars that really interest us, and Seinfeld has a parade of cars lined up for Season 6 that looks to be the best, yet. In the trailer we catch a glimpse of a Lamborghini Countach, a ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible, a classic Volkswagen Beetle in the green and white German Polizei livery, a Morgan, an Aston Martin DB5, and a Ferrari 308.

The new trailer for the sixth season, which is set to premiere on Crackle on Wednesday June 3, teases Seinfeld’s ride with his sitcom co-star and VEEP star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

comedians in cars getting coffee season 6 julia louis-dreyfus

Louis-Dreyfus isn’t the first Seinfeld co-star to make her way to the show. Jason Alexander and Michael Richards have both been guests in previous episodes, and the entire series kicked off with an appearance by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

Besides the obvious appeal for Seinfeld fans, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Season 6 should also appeal to fans of Comedy Central’s late-night lineup past and present. Colbert and his magnificent Colbeard take a spin with Seinfeld, as does future Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Elsewhere, Seinfeld smokes cigars with Harvey, trades insults with Maher, and spins around on weird chairs with Carrey.

Season 6 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premieres on Crackle on Wednesday, June 3, at 11:30 PM ET. Louis-Dreyfus will be the season’s first guest.

News source: Crackle via YouTube