WATCH NOW: VW Cross Coupe GTE Live-Stream Debut at Detroit Auto Show [video]

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VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept

Volkswagen keeps teasing us with powerful and futuristic crossovers, and the VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept to be revealed at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is no exception.

Watch the LIVE UNVEILING below of the VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept at the Detroit International Auto Show (NAIAS 2015) courtesy of the TFLnow live-stream channel.

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Volkswagen says that the front of this concept is basically what the new US-bound SUV will look like. However, you will have to wait nearly two years to purchase something like this at your local Volkswagen dealership. Company says the new seven-passenger SUV will begin production at the Chattanooga, TN “at the end of 2016”.


The Cross Coupe GTE is the third concept from Volkswagen that shows the design and capability possible for the production model. The GTE label is reserved for the VW’s sporty model that combine Gran Turismo character with Electrified power.

The heart of this GTE is combination of a 3.6L VR6 gasoline engine and two electric motors for a total of 355 horsepower and 280 lb-ft that can go to all four wheels. The direct-injected narrow-angle VR6 engine produces 276 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. It has a smaller “buddy” electric motor up front that provides additional 54 horses and 162 lb-ft. A larger electric motor is sole power provide at the rear. It’s capable of 114 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque.

It’s OK to be confused by this. Just understand that this crossover is a gas-electric hybrid that has a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system, and you can charge it from a plug.


It has five selectable driving modes for more than enough versatility: E-mode, GTE, Hybrid, Off-road, and Battery Hold/Charge. This GTE can go up to 20 miles in all electric E-mode. It can accelerate 0-60 MPH in approximately 6.0 seconds in performance GTE mode. GTE mode is the sportiest and tunes throttle, steering, suspension responsiveness for dynamic driving. There is a fairly standard Hybrid mode with coasting, recuperation, and gasoline modes. Basically, the gasoline engine and/or electric motors are working to maximize efficiency.

The Off-road mode has several sub-modes: Rocks, Sludge and Sand, and Gravel. There is also a separate Snow driving profile. In the case, the VR6 engine acts as purely a generator to feed juice to the smaller front and bigger rear electric motors. So, you still get four wheel drive even if your batteries are low. Remember, there is no physical driveshaft that connects the gasoline engine to the rear wheels, but the engine can send electric charge back there.


The Battery Hold/Charge modes allow the driver to either maintain a constant state of battery charge or charge it as much as possible. This can be handy if you want to reserve the all electric E-mode for later.

The VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept is a clever performance plug-in crossover. We cannot wait to sample this system in action.