Volvo V40 Cross Country and Polestar caught in the wild [Spied]

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Volvo V40 Cross Country

We caught the Volvo V40 Cross Country and, what looks like, the Volvo V40 Polestar testing at high altitude. Upon closer inspection, (and we’re guessing here), it looks like Volvo is testing new powertrains in the Volvo V40. If that’s the case, it could be a new Drive-E variant, or it just might be the i-Art Diesel.

Actually, with the Drive-E series of power-plants already out on North American roads, it’s possible that they both are testing the i-Art Diesel:

“The D4 turbo diesel comes with 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque. The engine features world-first i-ART technology with pressure feedback from each fuel injector instead of using a traditional single pressure sensor in the common rail.

Each injector has an intelligent chip on top of it that monitors injection pressure. Using this information, the self-adapting i-ART system makes sure that the ideal amount of fuel is injected during each combustion cycle.
“The combination of injection pressure at 2,500 bar and i-ART technology gives the customer an engine with high performance, improved fuel economy and considerably lower emissions,” says Michael Fleiss.

volvo, 2016, v40, polestar, testing, spy, spied
Why the Polestar color?

The diesel also features refinements such as a state-of-the-art twin-turbo, reduced friction and a smart valve solution on the cooling system for a more rapid heat-up phase after a cold start.” – – Volvo AG

Rumor has it that Volvo is considering possibly bringing the V40 to the United Sates with a manual transmission. If they do, local sporty-car enthusiasts that needs something family-friendly may beg to get one. They sell them overseas, so what not?

What do you guys think? Is Volvo using its sleek Volvo V40 to test a new diesel?

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