Chrysler drops the Price of the 2015 Dodge Viper by $15,000 USD

The 2014 & 2015 Dodge Viper is now $15,000 Cheaper
The 2014 & 2015 Dodge Viper is now $15,000 Cheaper

$84,995…that’s the new starting M.S.R.P. of both the 2014 and 2015 Dodge Viper.

In an effort to kick start lagging sales Chrysler today announced that it has lowered the starting M.S.R.P. of both the current 2014 and new 2015 Dodge Viper by $15,000.

The Dodge Viper’s 8.4-liter V-10 engine &  six-speed manual transmission delivers 645 horsepower, but that’s still 62 HP shy of Dodge’s recently introduced 707 HP Hellcat Challenger and Charger Muscle cars.

According to the Dodge the price cut is a way for the car to return to its pricing roots (at least when adjusted for inflation.)

“Despite the Gen 5’s massive leap forward in technology and performance, we’re pulling its starting price back to the equivalent of the original Gen 1 car.”  said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of Dodge.


The good news for current generation Dodge Viper owners who might be slighted by the significant price drop is that Dodge will give them a  “certificate worth $15,000 to be redeemed toward the purchase of a new Dodge Viper. This $15,000 certificate is in addition to the $15,000 price reduction.”

A few weeks ago we wrote an editorial story HERE about the top 5 ways to jump start Viper sales and the number one suggestion was a price reduction.  However the Viper still needs an automatic transmission and a convertible top to seriously compete with the new Chevy Corvette in our opinion.

Will a $15,000 price drop get more Viper buyers into the Dodge showroom?

Time will certainly tell.