Can Your BMW i8 Do This? [Video]


BMW released a video of the new M4 sports coupe drifting around a road course constructed on top of an aircraft carrier. Yes, an aircraft carrier. On top of that, the car is a slick manual transmission-equipped M4. After you watch the video, you’ll realize that not only is the i8 incapable of this feat, but so is the BMW M4 itself. It was entirely filmed using a computer.

Does that make the video any less badass to watch? Heck no. The purpose of this video is to get your adrenaline pumping. Watching it definitely does that. Will it increase sales of BMW M4 coupes? Probably not.

Not that BMW will need help selling their most popular variants of the small sports sedans and coupes. With a 425 hp twin-turbo I6 under the hood, the BMW M4 is the fastest version of the car yet. BMW made sure to add lightness to the car to help handling, and added optional extras like fade free carbon ceramic brakes ($8,150 and requires the $1,200 19″ wheels) to improve overall performance.

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If you’re interested in a test drive, they should be hitting dealerships shortly. Now, if only BMW would stop piping engine noises through the stereo we’d be all set!

Chad Kirchner

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