GM Recall Hits 7.6 Million More Cars on 3 Deaths and NYSE Halts Trading

GM Recall

Has General Motors recalled every vehicle they’ve ever made yet? If not, that might be a good idea. Today, GM announced that they are recalling 7.6 million more automobiles because of ignition switch worries. Three deaths have been reported as part of this new recall.

To make matter worse for GM, the New York Stock Exchange halted trading on the stock this afternoon for fear of a crash. That’s generally an action held for severe situations.

Affected vehicles range from 1997 through 2014. Until a fix is in place, GM is again advising that you drive your car with as few objects on the key ring as possible. To see if your vehicle is part of this, or any recall, check out the website.

Luckily for GM, when trading resumed it was only down a few cents, and did not plummet to the ground. At the time of this writing, shares were down $0.175 which is only 0.46% of total share cost.

If you’re counting, an additional 7.6 million vehicles should put the company close to 30 million cars recalled this year due to ignition switch woes. As part of today’s disclosure and recall, General Motors admitted that they are aware of three deaths in affected vehicles.

According to GM CEO Mary Barra, “Our customers deserve more than we delivered in these vehicles. That has hardened my resolve to set a new industry standard for vehicle safety, quality and excellence.”

As much as we’d like to say that this mess is over, we really don’t see that happening. GM also said that they’d offer at least $1 million to each family who suffered a death due to an ignition switch failure. The problem is that the numbers are mixed on which accidents and subsequent deaths resulted from a failed ignition switch.

Plus, there still are some cars that haven’t suffered from a recall yet. That means this year’s bad news might not be over. Stay tuned for more information.

The 2014 Camaro is on the list. Check out our review of the 2012 Chevy Camaro.

Chad Kirchner

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