Photo of the Day: Bubble Car of Beijing

chines bubble car beijing

Behold, the mighty Bubble Car of Beijing! The TFL crew has seen many unusual vehicles overseas. Beijing, China holds some of the most unusual and odd-ball contraptions out there.

I had a conversation with a few people who had some experience with this vehicle.

Costing the equivalent of about $750, the Bubble Car is a compromise for people who have need of simple transport in a massive city like Beijing. It is all electric and has about the same power/range as a scooter. Top speed is said to be about30 mph and it has (roughly) a 60 mile range.

Most importantly, the Bubble Car is covered with a wind-cheating, weather-resistant bubble plexiglass canopy. This allows you and up to two, small passengers good city transport – compared to a scooter. I was assured that the roof retracts to prevent the driver from becoming a baked potato.

Still, something as simple as an enclosure could be an immeasurable comfort for someone who’s used to being abused by the elements.

As odd and minuscule as the Bubble Car may appear, it’s usefulness in a city like Beijing could be noteworthy. Worldwide, there is massive disparity between those who can afford a real car and those who cannot. At the very least, a car like this could help those who cannot – all over the planet.

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