Spy Shots: Ford ECOnetic Technology High Altitude Testing in Colorado

ford econetic 2015 focus spy fusion escape mpg

You are likely familiar with the Ford EcoBoost technology.  It’s all about adding turbo-charging to Ford’s gasoline powerplants for improved power and efficiency.  However, did you know that Ford is taking the “Eco” even further?  Enter the Ford ECOnetic technology lineup (see images below for the badging).  TFLcar caught up with these test prototypes in the high country of Colorado.

2015 ford fusion spy

Ford uses the ECOnetic term to describe a suite of technologies working together for ultimate efficiency.  This trade-name has so far been reserved for Fords marketed and sold in Europe.  The idea is to combine several advanced technologies together, so that they work in concert and provide the highest benefit.  Ford of UK website describes it as a combination of: propulsion, steering, braking, driver aid, and aerodynamic technologies.  This is very similar to Mazda’s SkyActiv philosophy in that ECOnetic is determined to squeeze every bit of efficiency from a car without using electric hybrid or plug-in technologies.  However, ECOnetic mentions every aspect of efficiency except for weight savings.

2015 ford focus rear tail spy

Ford of Europe has an arsenal of engines ranging from the 1.0-liter three cylinder EcoBoost that produces 123 hp and 148 kb-ft of toque to the 2.0-liter Duratorq turbo-diesel.  These efficient engines are complimented by a 6-speed dual-clutch automated transmission dubbed “PowerShift”, electric power assisted steering, regenerative braking, Eco mode, auto start/stop, active front grille shutters, and more.

These test mules were saddled with awkward front grille cladding, external air sensors (mounted on the roof), fuel drains at the rear, and silly looking trumpet exhaust pipes.  The parking lot consisted of Focus, Fusion, Escape, and C-Max variants.  Not all had the front grill cladding, but all had the additional air sensors, and funny exhausts.  Only the Focus was wearing a small “econetic technology” badge on the rear hatch.

Check out this TFLcar prototype hunting video:

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