Quick Take: 2014 BMW 335i GT – Riding China Style

2014 bmw 335i gt gran turismo

“GT” in 2014 BMW 335i GT stands for Gran Turismo.  So what is the 3-series Gran Turismo about and can it succeed where 5-series GT could not?  BMW is quick to point out that the 3 GT is a looker.  First impressions are important when choosing a car, and the 335i GT has a subtle but still noticeable flare about it.  It also has a four-door coupe aspirations, but with a bigger focus on utility.

This Gran Turismo rides on a stretched 3-series platform (4.4 inches longer), which is being sold in China as their long wheelbase 3-series sedan.  It’s 6.5 inches longer bumper-to-bumper than a standard sedan.  The 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter gasoline turbo motors are available as 328i and 335i models, but the GT only comes with xDrive all wheel drive system.  The 8-speed automatic is the only transmission available.  If the 3 GT is successful – more variants may come later.

598M 19 inch wheels
598M 19 inch wheels

There are three distinct trim levels: Luxury Line, Sport Line, and M Sport.  These have unique front end grill treatments, wheel options, seats, and interior trim combinations.  You don’t have to choose any of these packages, if you prefer an understated look.  I have one issue with GT’s exterior appearance.  The tall greenhouse and long wheelbase make for a large profile, and the wheel wells and wheels look small in comparison.  I recommend stepping up to 19 inch double-spoke 598M wheels to properly fill out the overall look.

The 328i GT xDrive is around 320 lbs heavier than a comparable 328i xDrive sedan (GT has a curb weight of 3,915 lbs).  Most of this weight comes from the larger footprint, and then there is that cool panoramic sunroof.  The added weight can be felt on a twisty road as the GT leans a little more than the sedan.  However, it’s not a big concern.  Once you get used to the way it handles, you can tell where the car’s limits are.  It still makes for a fun car that you can hustle through corners.  It has the drive mode selector, just like the 4-series coupe, and the Sport Plus setting makes for a thrilling driving experience.  It still has the Eco Pro mode for the daily commute, so you can maximize the MPGs.  EPA rates the 328i GT at 22 city / 33 hwy and 26 MPG combined.  The 335i GT is 20 city / 30 hwy and 24 MPG combined.  Not bad numbers for a vehicle with this much utility.

2014 bmw 335i gt interior dash steering canam

The 3-series GT may be the ultimate Colorado car.  The larger size makes it very attractive for families and I can see taking this car to a ski vacation or a mountain hike.  The larger size is impressive.  3 GT has 7-series legroom in the back seat and 5-series trunk capacity, in a 3-series package and price point.  The rear seats fold 40/20/40, so your skis can easily slide in.

3 GT starts at $41,450 and this is $2,350 higher than a comparable xDrive sedan.  This is a bargain, considering the added utility.  Of course, there is also the 2014 328i xDrive Wagon, which starts at exactly the same $41,450.  The wagon also has a 2.0-liter diesel option.  It’s not clear if or how the 3 GT will affect wagon sales and vise versa.  Nonetheless, the 3 GT has the driving dynamics, utility, and style to make it successful.

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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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