News: Motorcycle Speed Record Racer dies in 285 MPH accident

bill warner speed record bike racer 2011
Bill Warner and his bike in this 2011 photo. (Loring Timing Association photo/The Associated Press)

The land speed record racer community suffered a big loss yesterday, when Bill Warner (a sit-up motorcycle speed record holder) did succumb to injuries sustained after he lost control of this bike and went off the runway.  Bill already held the record of 311 MPH (over a 1.5 mi distance), and he was determined to go for the 1 mi distance record last weekend.  He was aiming for 300 MPH and was clocked at around 285 MPH when he lost control of his streamlined race bike.  This was his third attempt of the day at the Loring facility near Limestone, Maine.

Other racers commented that Bill pushed the envelope so far, that his records may never be broken.

Our thoughts go out to Bill Warner’s family and friends.

The Loring track uses a former US Air Force Base runway.  The runway is 300 feet wide and 14,200 feet long.  The concrete/asphalt surface is in good condition and racers prefer its grip versus the loose surface of the salt flats.

bill warner motorcycle land speed record
(The Associated Press)