Definitive Guide to: 2013 Super Bowl XLVII – Car Commercials

kate upton 2013 super bowl commercial
Kate Upton appearing in Mercedes-Benz CLA 2013 Super Bowl commercial

Many of us are looking forward to the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII, which will air on February 3rd on CBS at 6:25pm est.  As to be expected, the football will be intense.  Who will come out on top – the 49ers or the Ravens?  The halftime show with Beyonce should be quite stimulating.  But for us, the gear heads, there is more: the costly and highly entertaining automobile commercials.  Below are the five commercial teasers that will appear this year.

Remember the VW Beetle commercial of a beetle running through a forest last year?  Well, this year the 2013 Beetle appears in all its glory in this “GetHappy” bit.


Looks as if this year KIA is going to focus more on family this year, rather than a guys fantasy of racing a track with scantily dressed girls from last year.

Kia Sorento – Space Baby

Toyota’s choice of Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco for their “Wish Granted” spot, for the new RAV4, is surely going to get some attention.

Toyota Rav4 #WishGranted

Mercedes has always had some really good ads in the past. The two on this list are very interesting for sure. The first is more of a teaser of how hot the new CLA is going to be without out actually seeing the car. The second ad features swimsuit model Kate Upton washing a new CLA. It makes one wonder if the car will actually be noticed by most viewers.

Mercedes CLA

Kate Upton washing a CLA

Audi’s commercial seen here, by far can relate to most guys watching. You know who you are!

Audi S6 Prom