Holiday Special: Everything you always wanted to know about Team TFLcar

Holiday Show: Everything you always wanted to know about Team TFLcar

So how did the boys of team TFLcar get started reviewing cars?

In this special Holiday Show we answer the Top 9 Questions that we received from our viewers and readers.

If you ever wanted to know what cars we own, what cars we dream about owning and what cars we first owned this show will answer those question plus many more.

Happy Holidays from Team TFLcar!

Editor’s note: The Fast Lane Car (TFLCar) may be small, but our feedback, subscribers and viewership is huge. We certainly punch above our weight and we read all of our reader’s/viewer’s responses. Pulling these queries out of the thousands of questions was a long process and we barely scratched the surface.

Millions of views per month make the comments more unique than we could have ever expected.

With that said, TFLCar can only answer certain questions as many pertain to our personal lives and could be used in negative ways.   Let me put it another way: I’ll tell you all about the cars I’ve driven, but I will not disclose information about my kids. Besides, TFLCar will be more enjoyable to the public if we keep a few tidbits secret – right?