Nissan Frontier Pick-up Truck Mile High 0-60 MPH Test & Review

Nissan Frontier Pick-up Truck

The Nissan Frontier  Pick-up Truck is a solid, reliable and inexpensive mid-sized pick-up truck was first introduced in 1998.

Competing directly with the wildly popular Toyota Tacoma, the Nissan Frontier tight, big power and comprehensive pricing have kept it a popular choice. The Fast Lane Car has driven the Nissan Frontier pickup truck off road in the wilds of Texas, deep in the Rocky Mountains and even in the sand dunes.

We’ve hauled motorcycles, sod, rocks and yard equipment effortlessly in various Nissan Frontiers. We’ve camped in its bed and commuted through city traffic. We’ve towed Uhauls and extracted a 1996 Land Rover Discovery from a deep snowbank too. This is a vehicle that wears its utilitarian abilities proudly.

While it has been updated over the years, the basic form of the Frontier remains the same and remains a strong seller for Nissan.

We spent a lot of time both on and off0road behind the wheel of the Nissan Frontier,  but we’ve never found out how fast it goes from 0-60 MPH @ a mile above sea level…that is until this video.

Check it out below as we put the Nissan Frontier to the TFLcar Test.