Video: Watch BBC Top Gear Season 18 Episode 7 as Hammond reviews the new BMW M5


The BBC car series Top Gear is once again in full swing with Season 18 Episode 7.

In this new Top Gear episode, Richard reviews the newest BMW M5 and drag races it against the previous generation of the BMW M5.

Does Richard like the new M5? You bet. He calls it the best car in the world and compares it to the BMW M1. But why take our word for it? Just watch the entire episode below of season 18, episode 7 as James call the new car “Epic” and Stig takes it around the track in the rain and you don’t see what happens.

Kimi Raikkonen and Slash are the Stars in a Reasonably Priced Car.

And of course the boys are presented with a challenge. So the question that Jeremy, Richard and James must confront is can they go racing for less money than it costs to play a round of Golf?

Check out the entire Top Gear Show of Season 18 Episode 7 below.

You can also click HERE to watch previous episodes of Top Gear Season 18.

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