Video: A Ford car that knows when you are having a heart attack…you bet


The Ford Motor Company announced today a new car seat that monitors your health.

Actually the car seat monitor’s your heart health and knows when you are suffering a heart attack.

“With the aging population and this interest in health and wellness, there could be an interest in this type of technology,” said Pim van der Jagt, managing director of Ford’s European research center.

The new Ford seat, developed in Europe, has six senors with the goal that if brought to market it could help monitor a driver’s heart health and provide a warning of an upcoming heart attack.

“The system will be able to detect if someone is having a cardiovascular issue, for example a heart attack, and could also be used to detect the symptoms of other conditions such as high blood pressure or electrolyte imbalances,” said Dr. Achim Lindner, Ford Research Center medical officer. “This not only benefits the driver; but also could make the roads safer for all users.”

But some doctors and experts are very skeptical of such a innovation.

“Anybody who requires minute-by-minute monitoring probably shouldn’t be driving,” said Gordon Tomaselli, chief of cardiology for Johns Hopkins.

Check out the video below of the new Ford Heart rate monitoring seat.


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