Reviewed 2010 Infiniti FX35: Can you drive an Infiniti for Infinity?


Obviously, it’s impossible to drive the Infiniti FX35 for infinity. But I certainly would be tempted to try. The interior materials are high quality, the seats insanely comfortable. The exterior looks very unique and distinctive, unlikely to wear out it’s welcome any time soon.


I love the exterior of the FX35, though to some it’s a little over the top. I heard comments that it looks like a shoe. I however, like some character with my vehicle. I like the big picture design and the small details as well. The brushed aluminum vents on the front fenders are the perfect amount of personality on the outside. On the inside, that aluminum can be found on the pedals (hot), and in various other locations combined with a gorgeous maple accents to boot. And that wavy grille? Delicious. While driving, I loved looking out over the sculpted hood. I felt extra fast and super sporty.

I do love the details throughout the FX35’s interior as well. I kept noticing them throughout my test. The quilted leather seats have a modern look to them. The stainless steel kickplates on the threshold look sharp as well, and illuminate when the door is opened. There is also “sequential welcome lighting.” This system detects your key as you walk close to the vehicle. The outside light on the rearview mirror illuminates, and as you get closer still, the interior dome light illuminates as well. Nice touch Infiniti.


The technology and features in the FX35 seem like they’re hyper-modern, ahead of the pack. My test car came equipped with the best camera system ever. It’s called the Around View Monitor (or AVM) and utilizes 4 cameras , one on each side of the vehicle. The AVM puts a 360 degree Google Earth-type, eagle-eye view of the FX on the navigation display in the center stack. You can see how well you’ve parked, how close you are to other cars in the lot, and adjust yourself accordingly. It’s super clear and easy to use when parking. Aided by colored lines on the rear camera, you can know exactly how close you are to the vehicles or objects behind you. What I love about the AVM is that it’s easy to use, very intuitive.

IMG_1925 In fact, everything in the FX feels intuitive. Nothing is hard to reach or figure out, even though the controls for the navigation, stereo, and vehicle systems looks intimidating at first. The iPod interface is particularly simple, thank goodness! Oh wait, what’s not intuitive are the latch connectors in the backseat. This is the first vehicle I’ve tested where I can’t install my Clek Oober booster seat. The Oobr has fixed anchor attachments which make installation a cinch. However, the Oober’s attachments are too wide for the FX’s anchors, and the anchors are so recessed it’s hard to get at them even if the attachments were spaced properly. This is the first time this has ever happened, FYI.

Another nice touch is the exhaust note on the FX35. It sounds rumbly, throaty, and delicious. I’m thrilled this sound is emanating from a V6; I have power and character and get-up. Though the FX35 gets an estimated 16/21 mpgs, it would be much less if I required a V8 to get that kind of personality.

With all this character, styling, and fun-to-driveness, I am pleasantly surprised at the FX35’s base price of $43,850. My test included a deluxe touring package, a premium package, and a navigation package as well as a couple other extras that got the price elevated to $52,920.00.

On the recommendation scale of:

Buy it

– Lease it

– Rent it or

-Forget it

I give the Infiniti FX35 a rating of: Buy It!




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