First Drive video: Can the 2011 Dodge Durango tow your horse trailer, camper or boat?


It has been two years since Dodge sold a new Durango, but for 2011 the seven person classic American SUV is back….but this time with the help of Italy’s Fiat.  In fact, the new Durango should hit your local Dodge dealership just in time for Christmas.

And here’s perhaps the biggest surprise, unlike the old Durango, the new Durango is all grown up and ready to take on the big boys including Ford’s new an up coming Explorer.

Built on the same, but lengthened chassis, as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee…the new Durango is now a better engineered, and much more refined family hauler.

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What’s especially surprising is the exceptional level of interior fit and finish.

Where the old Durango was basic and crude, the new Durango is sophisticated and svelte.

But will it still tow your horse trailer, camper or boat?

Watch the first drive video review below as find out and/or click HERE to see the new Durango from the inside out.


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