BMW produces hybrid concept car with silly name but best automotive image of the year


Just look at this photo of BMW's new The Vision EfficientDynamics
concept hybrid car recently introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The name…Yea…whatever!

However the photo is stunning. It would not be a long stretch to see this image blow up to room size hanging in museum of modern art in any big city in the world.

The photo has a bit of grown up Little Red Riding Hood imagery, mixed with a bit of Headless Horsemen, and perhaps even a bit of On Walden's Pond vibe going for it, not to mention the gorgeous women and car.

And speaking of the car it, "is a hybrid that makes use of a 1.5 litre three-cylinder diesel engine and two electric motors.

The diesel delivers 163 horsepower, or 109 horsepower per litre of capacity," according to the New Zealand Herald

But The Vision EfficientDynamics?


That must sound better in German.