Porsche to stop building all non sports car models


As you may recall from THIS recent news Porsche will soon be absorbed as part of the massive Volkswagen group of car brands which includes Audi Seat and Skoda to name just a few of the German car builder's European brands after a failed bid to acquire VW.

But now Britain's Car magazine is reporting according to Edmunds a "massive U-turn in
Porsche's product plan" resulting from the bitter VW boardroom triumph
means Porsche will be forced to discontinue the Cayenne and Panamera
after their product cycles are complete around seven years from now. 

"VW Group has plenty of SUVs and saloons [sedans] — it doesn't need Porsche to build them,"which may come as good news to long suffering Porsche fans who have always believed that slapping a Porsche badge on an SUV or sedan was sacrilegious.

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