Green cars roll into Boulder to highlight fuel efficient driving options


Some of the greenest cars available for sale rolled into Boulder today as part the statewide green car convoy.

The convoy sponsored by the Colorado Automotive Dealers Association is timed to coincide with the Denver
Auto Show and will culminate in a green car parade at the state capitol
in Denver on Sunday.

Tim Jackson,
president of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, says the convoy features some of today's most fuel efficient and technologically advanced cars.

You can also follow Jackson on Twitter HERE as he winds up the trip in Denver tomorrow.

said, "We encourage everyone to come out and see us when we roll into
town.   This will be a great opportunity to ask questions, touch and
feel the newest "green" cars and even kick the tires, so to speak."

STATEWIDE GREEN CAR CONVOY is a prelude to the Denver Auto Show, April
1-5, at the Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th Street, in downtown
Denver. This popular annual event will feature more than 500 new 2009
hybrids, crossovers, sedans, sports cars, minivans and trucks for every
driving need and every budget.  Plus the 2010 “intro” cars will be seen
for the first time in the Rocky Mountain West.