The Tiny-As-Can-Be Fiat 500e Is Coming Back to the U.S. — Here Are the Details!

Fiat brought three one-off models to this year's LA Auto Show to herald the 500e's return

Fiat 500e (Euro spec) - featured
(Images: Stellantis)

If you lamented Fiat’s decision to drop the 500 in America, then we have some good news.

Right now, the only Fiat model still available in the U.S. is the 500X crossover…which isn’t seeing the best fortune in the sales charts. Some of us in the TFL office wished the brand would bring the new, all-electric 500 to our shores, and the automaker is actually going to go for it. To that end, Fiat brought four one-off 500e models to the 2022 LA Auto Show as a preview of what’s coming.

Keep in mind that while the Fiat 500e will offer another small, hopefully affordable option against the Mini Cooper SE, we’ll have to wait awhile to see the U.S. version. A full-on American market reveal is coming sometime next year, with the first cars set to actually hit showrooms in 2024. A lot can happen in a year, mind you, and we’ll have to see whether such timing will help or hurt the little 500e’s chances in a dramatically shifting market.

Fiat 500e (Euro spec) - featured

Getting to what we have in front of us today, Fiat brought in three special versions of the 500e representing Giorgio Armani, Kartell and Bvlgari. The 500e Armani, based on the convertible, brings in etched microchevrons into the paint to simulate fabric weaves. The 500e Kartell gets some funky polycarbonate panels on the wheels, grille and mirror caps.

Finally, the 500e Bvlgari “Mai Troppo (never too much)” is aptly over the top, with saffron-colored pearlescent paint and three semi-precious stones (amethyst, topaz and citrine) set in a removable brooch on the steering wheel.

Fiat 500e (Euro spec) - featured

What we don’t know about the 2024 Fiat 500e in the U.S. (yet)

Of course, you bring in three Italian fashion houses to fly the flag for both the car and the brand, but there are a few details we’re far more curious about. Like the Mini Cooper SE, its size will naturally have an effect on its range — so will that strictly limit its potential even more than the old car’s small stature did?

What’s more, how about the Fiat 500e Abarth? That reveal is coming on November 22, though there’s no confirmation that a hot 500e will be making it to our shores in 2024 just yet. There’s no word yet on the convertible version making it here, either. Stay tuned for more on that one.

In the meantime, check out more of these one-off 500es below:

500 Giorgio Armani:

500e Kartell:

500 Bvlgari