Gotta Go Fast: These Are The Top 10 Cars Most Likely To Get Speeding Tickets

You'll nod at most of these cars

We’ve all been there — there’s just that one type of car driven by jerks that always seem to be speeding everywhere, constantly on the verge of shoving you off the road. Speeders exist everywhere, and that’s an unfortunate fact of life (at least if it does bother you). While anecdotal evidence may lean toward certain drivers of certain cars racking up speeding tickets, the actual models with the most offenders offer up some surprises. Others…yeah, not so much.

Insurify recently published some insights on the car models with the most speeding tickets. In that piece, they analyze 2.5 million car insurance applications to determine the share of car owners of a particular model with prior speeding violations on their record. Mind you, this isn’t to say they gathered those tickets while driving these cars. This is more like a lot of people who have speeding tickets tend to congregate toward certain cars.

So, what models have the most lead-footed drivers? On average in the U.S., 10.54% of drivers in any car you name have a speeding violation. Take your hot hatchback drivers like those in Golf GTIs or Subaru Imprezas, though, and that number increases dramatically.

The worst offenders (according to this study)

Then there’s the Subaru WRX. A whopping 20.49% — one in five — have at least one prior speeding violation. Running down the rest of the “called it” list includes the before mentioned Volkswagen GTI and Subaru Impreza. Those are the outliers, with FCA making four total appearances on this list. The Infiniti G37 comes in fourth, at 15.61%. Then it’s the Dodge Dart (yes, really) and Hyundai Veloster, at 15.45% and 15.43% respectively. The other three Dodge/Ram vehicles are the Challenger (15.09%), Ram 2500 (14.79%) and Dodge Charger (14.71%). Finally, another sports car unsurprisingly rings in at number 10: the Nissan 350Z, at 14.65%.

Which cars do you see speeding most often where you live? Let us know in the comments below! While we’re on the subject of speed, check out one of our latest videos where you should take your hot-footed driving — the track: