Tesla Revives ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ Option As A $4,000 Upgrade

More news to come with Tesla's 'battery day' tomorrow

At $8,000, springing for “Full Self-Driving Capability” is an expensive prospect in any new Tesla. To enable a cheaper option, the automaker has brought back its “Enhanced Autopilot” feature. Making that choice adds most of the FSD suite to your Tesla, save a few key features.

On top of Autopilot’s steering features and traffic-aware cruise control, the $4,000 enhanced suite adds navigation, auto lane change, autopark and summon features to the Tesla’s kit. It does not add traffic light and stop sign control nor autosteer on city streets — that remains under the Full Self-Driving package.

As our friends over at Electrek point out, the Enhanced Autopilot package is the same as Tesla offered before. Once again, it unlocks all the capabilities for your car that don’t require the onboard computer FSD demands. What’s more, opting for the cheaper package to fit to your current Tesla won’t require a technician to come out and install the computer — as that equipment is the bulk of that hefty price tag.

Mind you, if you’re in the market for a Tesla the Autopilot feature is included as standard fare. That means you won’t have to pay extra for automatic steering, acceleration and braking. That extra cost is just for the added features noted above.