2021 Lucid Air Manages 9.9 Second Quarter-Mile, Defeating The Tesla Model S

At least for now, Lucid's upstart sedan is on top in the acceleration race

Electric cars are devastatingly quick, and the 2021 Lucid Air drove that point home Wednesday. The EV startup published a short video through their outlets showing the car on the drag strip in the lead up to its September 9 reveal. Thanks to its 1,080 horsepower dual-motor powertrain, it managed a 9.9 second 0-60 time.

In putting up that time, the Air finished the run going 144.4 mph — a speed that would embarrass most sports cars. You don’t see much of it in the video (posted below), but Lucid did run its electric sedan against the Tesla Model S and handily won.

Beyond the 2021 Lucid Air proving its speed, Lucid Motors is also hyping up its capacity and range. Its 113-kWh battery pack offers an estimated EPA range totaling 517 miles. “The result [of the Air’s development] is nothing short of a technological tour de force in every facet upon which a luxury performance car is measured,” said CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson.

Those are bold words, and the wait is almost over to see the actual production-focused model. Lucid will air its livestream at 7 P.M. EST on September 9, but there is another angle to consider. While the 2021 Lucid Air is squarely taking aim at the Tesla Model S, it’s not like the current top dog in the EV space is going to take an assault from Lucid (and Porsche, for that matter) lying down.

Tesla’s own “Battery Day” is coming up on September 22, in which the company is expected to share more details about its new technologies.