Overland Expo Is Going Virtual, With Physical Events Rescheduled For Later This Year

If you were looking forward to Overland Expo this month, this brings the event to you

With so many high-profile events being cancelled this year like Easter Jeep Safari, it’s no surprise that Overland Expo has been affected as well. As it stands, Overland Expo West, which was scheduled to take place in Flagstaff, Arizona on the weekend of May 16th, is now set to kick off on July 24. That doesn’t mean enthusiasts will have to wait things out between now and then though, as a Virtual Overland Expo is happening on May 16th instead.

Check out more on that in the teaser below:

In bringing the Overland Expo to you, the first all-virtual event includes educational seminars, video showcases, show specials from exhibitors and a happy hour “ask me anything” segment with the Overland Expo staff.

You can see more on the full schedule from the Virtual Overland Expo here.

Donate to Overland Expo to help local organizations with COVID-19 pandemic

Apart from attending the Virtual Overland Expo, donations made to the Overland Expo Foundation (more on that here) will go to local first responders and shelters in Flagstaff who are combating the coronavirus pandemic.

As for the physical Overland Expo events, here’s when they’re now scheduled to take place. Bear in mind that, live everything else so far, the dates are subject to change based on the circumstances surrounding the pandemic:

  • Overland Expo West (Flagstaff, AZ): July 24 – 26, 2020
  • Overland Expo Mountain West (Loveland, CO): August 28 – 30, 2020
  • Overland Expo East (Arrington, VA): October 9 – 11, 2020

Depending on the situation later this summer, TFL does plan to attend the Overland Expo, so stay tuned for more updates!