Tesla Under Investigation For Unintended Acceleration Complaints

The complaints mention 110 accidents and 52 injuries

Tesla is facing new scrutiny for an alleged unintended acceleration problem.

The complaint, which was recently posted (it was filed back in December 19th 2019) states that 127 Tesla models (Model S, Model X and Model 3) suffered from unintended acceleration. According to the complaint, there have been 110 accidents with 52 people were injured. No fatalities. 

It appears that the majority of incidents happens during parking. When the driver is either pulling out of, or into a parking space, the vehicle is said to accelerate without prompting. None of the reports state whether the autonomous parking system was engaged at the time. Nor is it clear if there is evidence of the drivers accidentally mistaking the accelerator for the brake pedal – which has been known to happen. 

[Photo: Tesla]

The NHTSA is looking into it

The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), stated that they are looking into the complaint. In time, they will weigh the evidence to see if they should launch a full investigation. This wouldn’t be the first time the NHTSA investigated Tesla – there are other incidents that are still being investigated. 

Recently, the NHTSA had to issue a cease-and-desist to Tesla over “misleading statements” regarding the Tesla Model 3. The NHTSA launched an investigation into possible battery defects (allegedly resulting in fires) last October. They are still investigating self driving fatalities with Tesla Autopilot as well.  

Tesla Safety - Model 3 Scores IIHS Top Safety Pick+

Tesla’s solid safety record with the IIHS

While questions remain regarding technical issues with Tesla, they still maintain some of the highest safety scores according to the Insurance Institutes of Highway Safety (IIHS). Some of their scores are the best ever recorded. 

We will update this story when additional information comes in.