Yes, An Electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class is Coming. What’s German for Gigawatt?

Editor's Note: It's still Gigawatt

2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Just a few years ago, the G-Class had a massive V12.

Oh, mein goodness! How times have changed. There is an electric G-Class coming. A tweet from Daimler AG Head of Digital Transformation Sascha Pallenberg revealed that there is indeed an EV G-Wagen on the horizon. This means that one of the most outrageous, overpowered off-road vehicles currently being built, will spawn an EV version soon.

Remember when the Mercedes-AMG G65 was a thing? Big box, massive 6.0-liter V12? Yeah, that thing that went out of production last year. It’s hard to believe and the irony is delicious.

Daimler is investing $11 billion in their new EQ electric sub-brand. This brand will be developing and selling Mercedes EVs within a few years. Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius made the announcement and was quoted saying, “By 2022, we will be bringing more than ten different all-electric vehicles to market.”

Just for reference, actor former political Arnold Schwarzenegger owns an EV G-Wagon that has a 483 horsepower motor that can go 0 to 60 in about five and 1/2-seconds. It has a 190-mile range and a top speed of 114 mph. Schwarzenegger’s ride is a one-off that was built a few years ago. It’s probably because he’s “Ah-nold,” but how prophetic that one-off turned out to be. The world is shifting toward electric cars, and even the G-Class can’t escape.

An electric G-Class is coming. Perhaps not surprising (or one of the biggest surprises out of Mercedes for awhile).

Details remain a mystery

No word on the Governator’s G-Wagon having anything in common with the production model, but we doubt it. In order for Mercedes-Benz to be competitive, they need to match or exceed the range and abilities of their competitors. That means it has to out-perform Tesla, Jaguar and Audi to name a few. At least with range.

We have no solid details about any of the specifications. It’s safe to say that the guys at Mercedes will (hopefully) keep its amazing off-road capabilities. This could be the first serious off-road capable electric SUV to hit the road. Especially if Bollinger doesn’t make it to production.

We’ll see!

Speaking of how capable the G-Wagon is off-road, check out this video!