The Aston Martin DBX May Not Be Your Thing, But At Least It Has A 542 Horsepower V8

It should be pretty quick, thanks to its AMG powertrain

Aston Martin DBX official power figures

It’s Aston Martin’s most powerful V8 car.

If you’re still unsure about the Aston Martin DBX from its styling, you’re by no means alone. Whether you’re sold on the idea of the DBX SUV, we do have a few more details to go on beyond these camouflaged images. We previously speculated what powertrain the company’s first crossover would have, and that’s now been confirmed as a V8 engine. More specifically, the 2020 Aston Martin DBX will have an AMG-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8.

That makes it the most powerful V8-powered Aston Martin around, with 542 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. That’s 39 more horsepower and 11 more lb-ft than we see in the latest Vantage. That makes the DBX capable of running the Nurburgring in under eight minutes, and one of the fastest SUVs to lap the ‘Green Hell’. The DBX can also hit a top speed over 180 mph, but there aren’t other specific numbers just yet.

Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin says its in the “closing stages” of its testing process. We will see the finished version when the company unveils it this December. From there, the 2020 Aston Martin DBX will go into production at the company’s new St. Athan plant in Wales.

In the meantime, we do have a short clip of the engine note below. It’s not quite the wail we had from the old-school V8 Vantage from the mid-2000s. On the other hand, it does sound well-balanced, meaning it should be a pleasure to experience in person. Stay tuned to for more in the coming months.