Mazda Will Reveal Its First EV At Next Month’s Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda EV prototype will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October
[Photos: Mazda]

The first Mazda EV hides under a CX-30 shell.

Oh, it may look like a matte black version of Mazda’s CX-30 crossover in that photo, but what’s underneath could be a pivotal point for the company. This is no ordinary crossover, but rather the Mazda e-TPV, its first electric model. To date, the Japanese automaker has kept internal combustion front and center in its future plans, but as the automotive world shifts, so too is Mazda planning to reveal its own electric model.

Mazda EV prototype will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October

This EV will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. While some specs have been confirmed, it’s unclear exactly what shape this model will take. Odds are, Mazda will introduce its first all-electric car as a crossover. However, bear in mind the CX-30 shell could just be a test mule. According to an Automotive News report, this is a separate project from what Mazda is working on with Toyota, Subaru, Suzuki and Denso as part of a joint venture. Mazda developed the e-TPV internally as a bespoke EV model.

As for the drivetrain, this Mazda EV can reportedly manage 105 kW (about 141 horsepower) and 195 lb-ft of torque. It has a 35.5 kilowatt-hour battery, which is definitely on the smaller side. Take the Hyundai Kona Electric for example, which has a 64 kWh battery pack.

Mazda EV prototype will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October

The first step

Mazda spokesperson Yoshikazu Nagai confirmed the EV’s debut in Tokyo next month. It’s a first step for the company as it plans to gradually electrify its lineup over the coming years. A pure EV model will be available, as will a version with a range extender. It’s likely we’ll see the range extender version in the North American market, since we drive longer distances than most in Europe, Japan or China.

Those who are wishing Mazda would bring back the rotary may see it in some form with this range extender. We should know more near the end of October during the Tokyo Motor Show. Stay tuned for more updates!

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