2020 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe Spied Hammering It Out On The Nürburgring

Expect more power than the outgoing model.

Spy photographers caught the latest Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe out testing on the Nürburgring, this time sporting a bit less camouflage than what we’ve seen in the past. Like the current AMG-tuned variant of Mercedes’ chief rival to the BMW X6, this new GLE 63 Coupe will top the range after the brand’s introduction of the GLE SUV. Here, we can see the car from quite a few angles, showing off everything from its massive wheels to its quad exhausts as well as its drilled and slotted brake rotors. Just like the current AMG GLE 63, this should pack some serious punch.

Currently, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe uses a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8. For this new model, we expect the brand to use its now-ubiquitous 4.0-liter unit instead, taken from models like the G 63 SUV. In the G-Class, it makes 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. That would be a substantial torque boost over the current version’s 561 lb-ft, but Mercedes-AMG may up the horsepower to top 600 as well.

The 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe will compete against the likes of the BMW X6 M. To some extent, you could also argue this will duke it out against the upcoming Audi RS Q8 as well, especially if it does top 600 horsepower. Mind you, this sort of performance won’t come cheap. The current range-topping GLE Coupe starts at $113,000, and we’d expect this one to be even more expensive.

For now, it looks like this latest prototype is getting a proper shakedown on the track. Say what you will about performance crossover coupes, this one will likely be even more ridiculous with its performance than the GLE 63 S Coupe we already know.

Check out more photos below. In a few of the shots, you can see another Mercedes sitting in a trailer as the GLE Coupe heads onto the track. Could it be the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 SUV? It would make sense for Mercedes to test them together.