Infiniti Reveals QX Inspiration Concept Before 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Infiniti shows what it's thinking about how its future crossovers will look

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept
Infiniti is set to reveal its QX Inspiration concept at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. [Photo: Infiniti]

The Tesla Model X gains another competitor.

A few weeks ago, Infiniti teased its new electric crossover concept as a warm up to the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. Now we get to see it fully unveiled as the QX Inspiration concept. Between this new debut, set to mark the brand’s 30th anniversary in the U.S., and the Q Inspiration concept sedan from last January, Infiniti is definitely taking a new direction with its styling.

Gone are the flowing curves and rounded forms of its old sedans and crossovers. Instead, designers here seem to focus more on sharp lines and aggressive shapes to show us what Infinitis of the future will look like. The QX Inspiration concept looks fairly typical in profile, minus the illuminated lettering. In side profile, however, the shape eschews traditional crossovers in favor of something with more striking proportions. Take the wheel wells, for example. It looks fairly normal in the front, but because the rear bumper is much more rounded than the front, the rear well looks smaller, at least to my eye. The doors appear to be massive compared to the actual amount of glass that decreases as you head rearward, as well.

Infiniti QX Inspiration concept
What do you think of the QX Inspiration and its styling? [Photo: Infiniti]

No mention of power, range yet

Whether we all in the car-buying public approve of Infiniti’s new styling direction is completely subjective. By the time this makes production, however, Infiniti may tone down the sloping roofline and the creases in the doors. We’ll see how this concept evolves over time once it debuts in Detroit.

Since this is a concept, there’s no word of what its electric powertrain will look like in production. The electric crossover market is becoming more crowded, with the likes of the Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC and the Jaguar I-Pace. To compete in this space, Infiniti will have to bring a fairly powerful model, as well as reasonable range. Something in the region of 400 horsepower with a 250-mile range would hit the mark.

Infiniti will officially debut the QX Inspiration concept on January 14 at 11:40 AM EST in Detroit. We’ll be at the show to cover its reveal, so stay tuned to for more updates!